I offer prints on metal which look exactly like paper prints but do not need framing, matting or glazing. The print surface can be glossy or matte (I recommend glossy). They are light, rigid, durable, and ready to hang with an ordinary picture hanger. Two hangers are used for the larger sizes. The image is invisibly suspended three quarters of an inch (2cm) from the wall it is placed on. Images are either full-sized with no white matte-like surround or with a white surround. Prints are available with or without a black border resembling a simple frame. Here is an illustration:


All prints are archival. All black and white prints are made from 8x10 negatives so the quality is excellent even at the largest size. Color prints are made from similarly sized originals and are of similar quality. Prints may be signed by me on the front or the back according to the preference of the purchaser.

Sizes and Prices

11x14 inches (28cm x 35cm)SSSSS$125
16x20 inches (40cm x 51cm)SSSSS$200
20x24 inches (51cm x 61cm)SSSSS$300
30x30 inches (51cm x 61cm)SSSSS$425
20x40 inches (51cm x 61cm)SSSSS$425
30x40 inches (76cm x 102cm)SSSS$500

Prices are in US dollars.
Ground shipping is included to the continental United States. Other shipping arrangements can be made.
To discuss purchasing prints contact me at roy@betweentheleaves.com.

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